Thursday, April 7, 2011

March in Review - Better Late Than Never?

I've been a bit absent from the Internets.  Things both personally and professionally have been in a state of flux for the last week or so (nothing BAD mind you, just different) and as a result I've retreated into myself a bit.  It's kind of a coping mechanism that I have in times like this.

The constant has been training.  March saw more red (workouts not completed) boxes in my Training Peaks than any other month so far because of TWO(!!!) bouts of illness.  I hate the red boxes.  They mock me.  Despite this I find myself really dedicated to getting the workouts done.  It kills me to not complete a scheduled swim or run or bike and usually takes Coach Mary telling me to STOP and REST for me to actually stop and rest.  

And now, although I'm loathe to report numbers that are actually less than last month, here is the 411 on how my March went:

Swimming - 9,800 metres in 5.25 hours (18.21% of my training time).  That is 2,500 m less than last month and I was devastated when I saw this.  I must say though, when I have a sinus infection - and did I mention I had TWO(!!!) in March - the LAST thing I want to do is swim.

Biking - 11.1 hrs on the trainer as it appears that it will be winter here for the rest of time (33.67% of training time).  This is, weirdly, exactly what I completed last month.

Running - 79.15 kilometres (including the 5k race) in 8.72 hours (26.68% of my training time).  That is approximately 2 kms more than last month in about .3 hrs less time.  Hey, I'll take any victory I can get.

Other - 6.5 hours (19.8% of training time).  This includes yoga and volleyball.

Overall not an awful month but I'm looking forward to picking it up in April.  How were your months?

Also!  A shout out to Matt at Go Smitty Go!.  He's racing a half marathon this weekend!  You've trained hard and will kill it!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Mary! Good work on your training this month. I think you did AWESOME as usual. Way to go. I've been spending a lot of time on the trainer too, because I'm a wimp with the cold weather. Spring is coming here in Michigan, so hopefully it'll be to you soon!