Tuesday, June 7, 2011

May In Review

Well hello again.  It's been a while and I'm not sure anyone's still out there?  Obviously, I'm back from Italy and will post a review (or likely more than one) of my trip soon.

For today, you'll need to put up with my May In Review.  Keep in mind numbers will be skewed because of two weeks in Italy.

Swimming - 6,900 meters in 5.42 hours (14.74% of training time).  This is 8,050 meters less (yikes!) than last month but significantly less time spent.  There was NO swimming at all for me after May 15th.

Biking - 470.5 kilometres in 26.41 hours (71.91% of training time).  Of course, this is because I spent a full week in Tuscany doing nothing but cycling.  It's difficult to compare to last month since April was mostly trainer time.

Running - 32.74 kilometres in 4.9 hours (13.33% of training time).  This is 55.22 kilometres less than last month but again, other than two runs in Rome during the first week of my trip, there was no running after May 15th.
This weekend brings my first tri of the season.  The Motor City triathlon where I'm participating in the Sprint.  I'm a little nervous for the swim and hopeful that I'll show improvements over last year.  

I hope you're all having successful training weeks and good luck to anyone racing this weekend!


  1. 68 days left! It's gonna be awesome. We're gonna have so much fun. Keep up the good work with the training Way to go!

  2. Great job in May... I know it was a busy month with your trip (can't wait to see pictures)

    Good luck this weekend!