Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm It!

1.  Barbie at Trying A Tri chose me to receive a Stylish Blogger Award!  Barbie lives in Australia and is training for her first half-ironman (like me!).  I've loved following her blog because she's in her summer months and I'm getting an idea of what I'll be going through in the next few months.  She's an awesome swimmer who is having some great  results at her preliminary races.  Thanks Barbie! 

2. Now I have to share 7 things about myself.  Hmm.  I hope I can make this interesting enough without oversharing too much!
  • Paul and I share a birthday.  He's four years older but it's the same day.  When we first met it was all "Oh my God that's so cool.  This proves we're so made for each other!"  Now?  I'd like my own birthday.  It's becoming less of a big deal though as I find that as I get older I'm not so focused on my birthday anymore.
  • I'm a big baseball fan.  I have a goal to eventually visit every professional baseball park in North America.  Paul and I took a baseball roadtrip a few years ago where we took in five different games in four different cities in seven days.  To date I've been to see the ballparks of the Toronto Blue Jays, Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Indians, New York Yankees, New York Mets, Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Seattle Mariners.  Since taking up triathlon a couple of years ago the focus has shifted a little and the baseball trips have slowed down but we're always trying to work in a game when we visit a new city.
  • About ten years ago I averaged ten cans of Coke (full on - no Diet Coke for me - blech) per day.  I would crack one open at my desk first thing in the morning (it was my coffee) and would open and drink one after another all day long.  I decided to give it up when I started working out with my sister and I cannot tell you how much kicking that habit sucked!  The upside is that I lost 12 pounds in one month but I (and a few people around me) suffered.  Coke is still a guilty pleasure of mine but I try to really be cognizant of how much of it I drink.
  • I am plagued by self doubt when it comes to participating in triathlon and am always secretly worried that people are snickering about how slow/crap I am and wondering why I waste my time making a fool of myself.
  • I own 37 pairs of jeans and probably 10 pairs of cords.  This is after paring down my collection by getting rid of about 15 pairs that I no longer liked.  In reality I wear about five or six of them with any regularity.  I recently challenged myself to try to wear every single pair without repeating any but that got sidetracked.  Sydney thinks it's hilarious and shakes her head at me everytime I buy a new pair.  Lucky is my favourite brand by the way.
  • I LOVE training.  I look forward to seeing my Training Peaks schedule get populated with new workouts and reporting on the results. 
  • Other than a couple of years of grade school volleyball I only started participating in sports as an adult.  My mom never put me or my sisters in anything because she was afraid we would hurt ourselves.  Since moving out on my own I took up skiing, golf, beach volleyball, indoor volleyball, and of course triathlon.  My mom still can't fathom why I do what I do and is always offering to come and pick me up on the course if the race gets too hard! :-)
3. Pay it forward to blogger friends.  And so I tag the following blogs that I love to follow:


  1. Love hearing all about you! 37 pairs of jeans!!?!?!? I'm not sure I've had that many in my entire life! :)
    Thanks for the tag.