Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stupid Snow

This post may end up sounding kind of whiny. Don't say I didn't warn you!

We had another winter storm here Sunday. After a beautiful, Spring like day on Friday it turned cold again on Saturday (but sunny!) and what started out as a few flakes late Sunday afternoon turned quickly into the predicted winter storm. By Monday morning we were under a 30 centimeter (11.8 inches) blanket of snow. This made running Monday morning a joke as even the busier streets hadn't been plowed yet and it was all we could do to stay on our feet and not get run over by cars (forget the sidewalks), much less intersperse the assigned bursts of speed.

Paul's ankle injury was aggravated by the shoveling Monday so he didn't get to finish the driveway or clean the walkway/front steps/porch. I took care of the walkway/porch/steps before work and finished the driveway in the evening. No big deal. It was deep but I did it in two layers so it wasn't too heavy and used the narrower shovel.

Cue to this morning and my pool workout. My triceps felt a little sore but nothing out of the ordinary. I started the warmup (500m) and felt a pain in my left shoulder. WTF? After 300m the general soreness loosened up but this pain was still there. Every time I brought my left arm out of the water I could feel it. And it hurt. After my 500m warmup I started the 6x75 set. 4 sets into it Paul finally looked at me and told me what I already knew.  I needed to stop.  I was starting to try to change up my stroke a little to compensate and make it not hurt.  I know I dont want to hurt myself more seriously for the sake of one workout but man, only 800 metres done?  I was bummed. Since Paul still had to finish I got into the therapy pool, and tried not to cry, for 10 minutes, then sat on the pool deck and sulked. I don't have another swim scheduled until Saturday so I'm hoping a couple of days rest, and ice, will help it. Volleyball tomorrow night is worrying me a little but if it hurts I'll have to stop.

Just when I was starting to see improvements. Stupid snow.


  1. I'm sick of the snow too, although we didn't get nearly as much as you (3 inches), it still makes everything nasty. When will spring and summer ever come? Sorry your shoulder is hurting you. You've still got 173 days for it to feel better...

  2. Wait...you tried to run in 11" of snow! HOLY COW!

    Sorry to hear about the sholder. Hope it's feeling better by the next swim.

  3. I bet it is actually connected to the shoveling. Let it rest this week...
    :( Boo for snow and injury in the Paul/Mary family!

  4. I'm over the weather too... no whining there - just the truth!

    Hope the shoulder feels better when you swim on Saturday!

  5. Oh no you poor thing. It's not the ligament in your shoulder is it? Sometimes they can get a bit strained. I think the shovelling did it.

  6. Hopefully it isn't anything serious! Do you have a physical therapist you can see to work on it? Rest is the best thing. Lifting upper body weights is a great supplement to swimming (just avoid any shoulder presses!) You picked a great first 70.3!!! I am so excited for you!! I will take some time to read more on your blog. I just love reading about people's struggles, accomplishments and everything in between. I have never run the Detroit Marathon but I hear it's fast. Can't wait for that race report too. Hope you're spring comes early so you can get that bike outside!! Heal quickly little lady.