Thursday, March 3, 2011

Catching Up and February In Numbers

It's been a bit since I've posted but I've been sick and writing a whiny post about being sick after a whiny post about my shoulder wasn't going to win me any friends.  So, I took a  couple of days off of work, listened to my coach and missed three days worth of workouts (!!), and am feeling much better.  I got back into the swing of things with a short run on Wednesday where my heartrate was pretty elevated despite a slow pace and a bike workout this morning where things felt relatively normal. 

The good news is that my shoulder feels great and the two swims I've had since I wrote about it have been really good.  I think the safe approach of rest and ice really saved me from a longterm pain in the neck (or shoulder as it were) injury.

Sunday brings my first race of the season.  The Spring Thaw 5k is the site of my first race ever in 2008.  This year I have a plan for racing that is very different from how I've approached any race in the past - I LOVE having a coach - and am nervous and excited about how it's going to go.  After Sunday's 5k focus will shift to the half marathon in April.  I'm really hoping that this weather breaks as longer runs are coming up and I'm really over the cold and wet and snow.
Now, more to satisfy my own curiosity than anything else, here is a summary of my training for February -

February 01, 2011 to February 28, 2011Swim - 12,300m in 7.78 hours (21.78% of total workout time).  That's -250 m from Jan.
Bike - 11.1 hours - no distance as it's all been on the trainer (31.04% of total workout time)
Run - 77.67 kms in 9.69 hours (27.11% of total workout time).  That's +19.28 km from Jan.
Strength training/yoga - 2.67 hours (7.463% of total workout time)

I'm pretty surprised/happy about the run totals.  An increase of 19 km in distance without a significant increase in time spent running is exciting.  :-)


  1. Those numbers are terrific!! Especially in light of February being a shorter month. Well done!

  2. Your numbers are great! We ran just about the same! Good luck as you train.

  3. Good numbers!!! Looking forward to a race report!