Sunday, March 13, 2011

The A,B,C's of trilikemary

And finally, because I know you're all dying to get to know me better.....

Age:  38 (When did that happen?)

Bed size:  Queen.  Paul wants to get a King but I suspect he would still sleep on top of me so why waste the money?

Chore you dislike:  I HATE cleaning toilets.  Not only for the obvious reasons but because I have a bit of a phobia about toilets.  Don't ask.

Dogs:  Lola the German Shepherd.

Essential start to your day:  A hot bath.  Every day after my workout.  I only take a shower if I'm VERY pressed for time.

Favorite color:  Grey.  Gunmetal, charcoal, dove, every shade.

Gold or silver:  Silver, platinum, or white gold mostly but I do appreciate a nice piece of yellow gold.

Height:  5'

Instruments you play:  Does the guitar in Guitar Hero count?

Job title:  Currently I'm a Labour Relations Advisor.  April 01 I'll be Team Leader - Administration.

Kids:  None of my own.  I'm a pretty awesome Aunt though.

Live:  Windsor, Ontario

Mom's name:  Ana

Nickname:  Andy calls me Marence but he's the only one that has any kind of nickname for me.

Overnight hospital stay:  None (I'm knocking on wood as I type this).

Pet peeves:  Being late and people that are rude and inconsiderate. 

Quote from a movie: "You eat like a baby dinosaur."

Righty or lefty:  Righty

Siblings:  3 younger sisters.

Time you wake up:  Depends on the workout situation.  Normally 5:30 but when I get to sleep in it's 7:30.

Underwear:  Whenever I'm not in some kind of workout gear.

Vegetables you don't like:  Mushrooms because I'm allergic.  Raw tomatoes.

What makes you run late:  Paul.  He's the original Pokey McSlowerson.

Xrays you've had:  Teeth, ankle.

Yummy food you make:  Baked eggplant parmesan, black bean enchiladas.  I'm actually a pretty decent cook and have knife skills like a ninja. :-)

Zoo animal favorites:  Elephants, giraffes, and polar bears.  Come to think of it, I love pretty much all of them except for the primates.  Primates freak me out!


  1. Funny how that age sneeks up isn't it?

    What a pretty puppy!

  2. I'm so with you on the toilet front - yuck! :(

    Lola is a doll (as is your niece!)

  3. Love getting to know you better :)

  4. Paul should get a king size bed, it is sooo nice. There is so much room you can lay sideways, you can stretch out... I just got mine this year and still love it!