Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April in Review

It's that time again!  Let's review how April went training wise.

Swimming - 14,950 meters in 8.83 hours (32.08% of my training time).  That is 5,150 meters more than last month is 3.58 hours more time.  Wow!  That is a huge increase.  March was a bad month for swimming though considering the amount of time I was sick.

Biking - 8.92 hours mostly on the trainer (32.38% of  my training time).  That's a couple of hours less than March.  Why is that?  Hmmm.  I did manage two rides outside at the end of the month.  Hopefully May's stats will include distances and average speeds.

Running - 87.96 kilometres in 9.78 hours (35.53% of my training time).  That is almost 9 kilometres more than last month.

May should be an interesting month.  I have a 60km team time trial bike race this Saturday.  We will come in last, without a doubt, but were encouraged to enter a team by a good friend that is organizing it.  There are no prizes and times are reported on the honour system so it's SUPPOSED to be a fun event.  We'll see how it turns out.  I'm hoping for decent temperatures and no rain!

I'm also headed to Italy for two weeks.  The first week in Rome and the second in Tuscany for the cycling part of the trip.  I'm a little nervous about missing two week's worth of swims but will certainly get my riding time in!  

I hope you all had a successful month of April and that May is good to you!


  1. Love the percentages - it's nice to see that you're building so evenly. Way to go in April! Can't wait to see May's numbers with all that cycling!

  2. That trip sounds fantastic!

    Good numbers too!

  3. Woohoo! Great numbers this month. You're awesome! Keep up the good work. Steelhead won't be any problem for ya! Have a blast in Italy.

  4. \/Bring your suit and Goggles go here \/

  5. Good luck with the team time trial... can't wait to hear about it.

    And I'm so jealous of the Italy trip! Amazing!