Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Most Fun I've Ever Had Getting My Ass Handed To Me!

My first ever team time trial was yesterday and ended up being one of the funnest days I've had on a bike so far.  The local Bike Sabbath group organized it and eight teams of four participated.  If you go to the link that's me in the white helmet at the top of the collage.

The weather gods were smiling on us because it was the most perfect day weather wise for riding.  Sunny and clear, about 60 degrees at race start time and best of all, negligible wind!  My team was one of two all female teams.  My friend Dawn was the only other woman and  raced on a team of boys (and held her own btw - they took second place).  

We went all out for 60k and finished in 2 hours and 7 minutes for an average speed of 28.3 km per hour (or  just over 17.5 mph for my US friends).  That's pretty decent for newbies over the course of 60k and was certainly faster than we thought we'd go.  We learned that next time we can certainly benefit from some proper pace-lining but we got it done!  I must admit that the final 10k was a test of mental toughness for me and when we crossed the finish line I got off my bike on really shaky legs.  Immediately following the race Sydney and I changed into run gear and did a 15 minute transition run because we're tough like that. ;-)

Even with a 20 minute handicap we came in last place but crossed the finish line strong which was really the main goal in the first place for me.  It was a great day with friends riding bikes with the added bonus of some eye candy in the form of a skinsuit.

I hope everyone is experiencing the beautiful weather we're having here.  I'm off for a one hour run (we'll see how the calves like that!) and then some gardening!


  1. Sounds like a great day! (and thanks for doing the math for me!:) )

    We are having fantastic weather hear too. I'm ready for the summer!

  2. That sounds so awesome! I've never done a team time trial, but that sounds like a blast. Way to push it, and even though last place isn't always the greatest, I think ya'll did awesome! Enjoy your run.

  3. "2 hours and 7 minutes for an average speed of 28.3 km"

    Funny at first I read this as 28.3 MPH for 2 hours. My first thought was holy shoot thats really fast!! But I am an American I get confused by KPH. 17.5 MPH is a really nice time. Keep up the great work.


  4. I love the title to this post. I mean, really, as long as you have fun, who cares if you get your ass handed to you! :)