Friday, August 5, 2011

The Countdown Begins

I have a bib number - 567
I have a wave start time - 7:25
I have a countdown - 10 days

I guess this is actually going to happen.


  1. I do not know how it happened so fast! Mine is Sunday...seems like just yesterday the countdown clock said 90 days!

    Good luck! Will be looking for a race report!

  2. It's gonna be awesome! You're going to do great! I rode the course today, and they've marked all the potholes and significant mileage too. You're going to do great!

  3. Yes it is and you are going to have a GREAT race!

  4. Hi! I found you thru Matthew Smith!

    I am bib 505 so maybe we will be near each other in transition!

    Best of luck -hope to see you there!!

  5. I'll be looking for you, so maybe we'll run into each other out there. Have a safe trip!