Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ironman Cozumel Slideshow Party

Before even leaving for Cozumel Sydney had planned an Ironman Cozumel Slideshow party to review all the pictures and as a true end of season get together.  In addition to the slideshow Sydney wanted to put together a movie trailer to send out as a bit of a teaser to everyone attending the party.  My job while away was to ensure that there was enough in the way of video clips - both during the race and during the vacation - to put something cool together.  Sydney took everything I brought back and did an awesome job on the trailer.  Unfortunately I'm a bit of a boob and can't figure out how to imbed the youtube video.  However, if you are so inclined, click here and it will take you to the video (title: Ironman Cozumel Redux).  

Saturday evening we all gathered at Sydney and Andy's place for some great food and drinks.  The slideshow ended up being a big hit and was a really awesome tribute.  The wine, martinis and Prosecco were flowing and the family room ended up turning into a dance floor.  There was a yoga-off at some point (we're very competitive) and someone had their wits about them enough to pull out the camera and take photos that can be used in the future for blackmail purposes.  It was an awesome night and alot of fun but unfortunately, we can party as hard as we train sometimes and Paul and I ended up being driven home at 4 a.m.  Very, very drunk.  Oops.

Saturday evening's shenanigans resulted in a doozy of a headache/hangover on Sunday.  Paul went out into the snowstorm to get us Big Mac meals (my hangover meal of choice) and then we had to go pick up our car at Syd's place.  Paul's car is a Mustang convertible that's not so hot in the slush and snow so we needed to pick up the SUV before the snow got really bad.  Since we were already out we went to pick out our Christmas tree.  Once that was done I hit the couch and put in a movie while Paul went grocery shopping.  I was supposed to do a run workout that included hills but needless to say that didn't happen.  I'm not sure that even if I hadn't been a hot mess I could have got it in considering the snow storm.  Yep, I'll go with that.

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  1. More importantly, I want to see the slideshow!! :) Glad it was a great fiesta!